5 reasons why nurses should always be appreciated

Nurses put everything they got in taking care of their patients. Even though they frequently miss meals or even bathroom breaks, they would still willingly attend to their patients’ needs. They put others first before themselves.

Because of these things, it’s only right that we give nurses the credit they deserve. Here are 5 good reasons to celebrate and give thanks to your hardworking nurses this Nurses Week.

  1. They are always on the front line of care

You can always find nurses on the front line when it comes to treating and caring for patients. Whether it’s a disease outbreak or simple flu, you can count on nurses to be there for their patients.

Nurse on duty (photo/courtesy)

They are the members of the health care team who spend a lot of time performing bedside care, listening to their patients’ concerns, offering help and advocating for them. Nurses ensure that their patients are well taken cared of and looked after.

2.     They are less recognized

Nurses spend long hours at work seeing and hearing for doctors. They are the ones who administer medications and perform the procedures doctors order. They are the heart and soul of the health care. They blend in technical expertise with compassion, care, and empathy.
Despite their hard work, doctors still get most of the attention.

young African nurse comforting female patient in doctor’s office (COURTESY /PHOTO)

3.     They don’t think of themselves

Nurses are so passionate about what they do that they often forget about their own needs. They are willing to skip lunch just to make sure all their patients get their medications on time. They can hold their bladders for hours just to make sure that their patients get turned and that all call lights are answered.

dreamstime (COURTESY /PHOTO)

4.    They don’t get to celebrate holidays

While the rest of the world is enjoying their holidays with out of town trips and getaways, nurses are stuck in the hospital to care for their patients. They sacrifice holidays and special occasions with the family just to fulfill their duties.

5.     They are resilient

Nurses face a lot of stress at work. There’s the issue of short staffing, long shifts, and low salary. Apart from that, nurses also experience a roller coaster of emotions when dealing with patients. There’s gratefulness and appreciation when their patients recover. There’s also the sense of helplessness whenever their patients go through excruciating pain. Despite all of these things, nurses still show up at work day after day. You have no idea how nurses survive these things!