5 ways to Keep Fit at Home

Did you know you can complete a perfectly good fitness routine at home, while using nothing more than the very affordable resources you have around plus your own bodyweight?

Frequent body exercises are good for your health.

Well, in the current economy around the globe, the reality of it is, people don’t have time to go to a facility (Gym) on a daily basis, and consistency is key. The key thing is that you do something, somewhere routinely.

It really doesn’t take much effort or money to design an effective schedule at home. You can improvise things like fit balls, dumbbells, exercise bands or tubing, and push-up bars which are an easily affordable and one can really improvise ways to create a routine program that works all the major muscle groups,

But even with no props or machines, you can build muscles and burn calories by taking a brisk walk, jogging around your home compound routinely. Skipping, roller, Triceps dips, the plank, lunges and bodyweight squats are all examples of great conditioning exercises.

5 ways to keep fit

Example of an effective fitness program that can be done at home:

  1. A warmup.

A warm-up could be an easy walk outside or on a treadmill, or a slow pace on a stationary bike. For the cardiovascular portion, walk or pedal faster,

2. Aerobics workout.

do step aerobics with a video, or jump rope — whatever you enjoy that gets your heart rate, and this effectively improves the heart and lungs both in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

3. Resistance (strength-building) exercises.

The resistance portion can be as simple as squats, push-ups and abdominal crunches. Or you could work with small dumbbells, a weight bar, bands or tubing.

4. Flexibility moves.

jogging is good for your health [photo courtesy]

This is the ability to move your joints freely and effectively at a certain range, like yoga dance, tai chi, etc. Flexibility stretching exercises helps lengthen the muscles

5. A cool (warm) down

This allows the body to gradually transition to a resting or near-resting state. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, cooling down can involve a slow jog or walk.


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