‘A man sucking a woman’s breasts won’t stop cancer, only breastfeeding a baby does’

A medical expert, Mrs. Abigael Shona, has said that, contrary to popular belief that breast cancer could be prevented when a man sucks his spouse’s breasts, only actively breastfeeding... Read more »

Crazy Couple swaps wedding roles as groom walks down aisle in dress and bride gears in a suit

It seems that breaking traditions is the new ‘traditional’ these days – and with that in mind one couple decided to take what is arguably the most traditional event... Read more »

Study shows Farmers have sex more often than other professionals

It’s not just the cows and chickens that are breeding down on the farm. A new study shows farmers have sex more often than other professionals — as a... Read more »

Did you know Children should be at least Twelve years before they are left home alone for four hours or longer?

Scientists asked for the opinions of 500 workers in a survey – and found half thought it should be illegal for a 12-year-old to be on their own for long... Read more »

What causes cervical cancer and the likely signs and symptoms presented

Cervical Cancer is a type of Cancer that originates in the cells of the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus connecting the vagina. The cancer... Read more »

WHO calls for more research into micro-plastics and a crackdown on plastic pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) today calls for a further assessment of micro-plastics in the environment and their potential impacts on human health, following the release of an analysis... Read more »

Women’s lives at risk as doctors miss ‘typical heart attack symptoms

Women are more likely to display “typical” heart attack symptoms than men – according to new research. Experts have long believed that women experience heart attacks in a different... Read more »

Why money could see you miss out other opportunities

I see this too often in marriage. When money becomes tight, you start to see behaviours that you never saw before. Then you say, you have changed. No! They... Read more »

Ladies, this is why you should swim regularly

Swimming is very good for your health! Some people love it and others don’t like it at all, It’s a good thing to learn, of course, but many people... Read more »

You are not stingy when not spending your money on a woman that is not your wife

Popular African author, Reno omokri who is noted for making profound yet controversial statements on social media, has returned with that trademark. In his new ‘epistle’ Reno stated that... Read more »