Crazy Couple swaps wedding roles as groom walks down aisle in dress and bride gears in a suit

It seems that breaking traditions is the new ‘traditional’ these days – and with that in mind one couple decided to take what is arguably the most traditional event and completely flip it.

It all started when Ciara O’Donnell refused to walk down the aisle, not to mention the fact that she’d always wanted to get hitched in a suit. That’s where hubby-to-be Bobby Cook stepped up.

He swapped his own three-piece attire to don a £45 ($57) white gown matched with a tiara alongside his groomsmen, who also wore pretty frocks as well.

Bobby, who stands at 6ft 4in, told the Mirror: “We always joked Ciara wears the trousers in the relationship, so it made sense for her to wear them at the wedding.

“Ciara said she wouldn’t be walking down the aisle for me, so I walked down the aisle for her. So we decided to do everything backwards.

“I took her family name. It was so relaxed and everyone had a great laugh. There were a few gobsmacked faces.”

Explaining where the idea came from, Ciara remembered their first visit to the wedding venue when she joked about him walking down the aisle instead of her.

She told the publication: “We decided it would be so funny. Me and Bobby can be a bit wacky and we thought if we did it, it would really break the ice and give everyone good form at the start of the day.”

The bridesmaids knew they would be wearing tuxedos, but the groomsmen on the other hand had absolutely no idea they would be given navy-coloured dresses.

Bobby, 35, from Swansea, South Wales, said: “I wouldn’t let them try the outfits on before in case they backed out, but on the day, they loved it. They cried tears of bemusement when they saw the dresses.

“We were all in hysterics. I was a size 18 and they were all 14s. Ciara and the girls had no problem buying their tuxes, but we had a lot of trouble.

“A lot of places didn’t want me to try stuff on. The bridal places we tried were reluctant, so I ended up buying online.”

Ciara, also 35, added: “The bridesmaids were fine with the suits – girls can look really good in suits.

“But my brother was one of Bobby’s groomsmen and he kept texting me, ‘when are we getting our suits?’ I had to say, ‘you aren’t getting one’. Because they are all hairy and tattooed, it was funnier.”

Taking on a more serious tone, Bobby explained: “Although the service was quite funny and shocking – we weren’t doing it to make a mockery of marriage. It was a big thing for both of us, all the words in the service were so personal.”

Featured Image Credit: Craig Terence Andrews