Dead Talents…

Is this why Soccer Mashinani is dead?

You can rarely go for a kilometer without hearing the utterance of big teams like Manchester United, Chelsea… and other soccer updates anywhere in this country more-so mashinani where football lunatics are real … sorry I’m a biased Manchester united fan,though a big fan of football from the the international level down to the grass roots.

Well, the high cost of living in this country has evidently 

shovel so many youthful prospects into the betting world where one individual can memorize half of all teams in European, Asian and south American leagues but can hardly know a team in his neighborhood.

More than half of grassroots football leagues have experienced widespread disruption as a result of poor facilities; financial constrains to run the leagues and teams to facilitate officiating of home matches, poor officiating, big gap in coaching programs at grassroots level,  poor playing grounds surface,  on field gambling…poor nurturing of talents, politics, poverty, misplaced priorities of football activities etc.

Its in every players desire at heart to be capped playing for their mother country and even play in the biggest stage of all, the world cup but how can this be possible? Who is responsible for the voiceless raw talents?

Should the football federation of Kenya review this idea of getting funds to facilitate officiating of matches, introduce new policies of medical covers with friendly premiums, and woo more sponsors to invest in our clubs and leagues? 

Don’t be silent, air your views and help the up coming talents shine,

Talent is money, ask the likes of wanyama…


  1. Politics all over even in football, a team cannot succeed without a politician rallying behind. Teams should wake and seek sponsorship elsewhere, from serious investors.
    Good content

  2. Grass root football needs sponsors, and teams should set up academies.
    The rest will follow, and the county government should be involved and become affiliate of grass root football

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