Dr. Matiang’i links Mombasa attacks to drug movement in the county

Dr. Fred Matiang’i has linked the recent attacks in Mombasa are to the movement of drugs in the county.

In a tweet today showed that, measures have been taken and a systematic operation is under way and that it would bear fruits.

The tweet read.

“There is a clear nexus between the recent Mombasa attacks and the movement of drugs in the region. Kenyans no longer want to hear tough talk — they want results, and we will deliver. We’ve launched a systematic security operation in the area, and I’m certain it will bear fruits, ”

photo of a tweet by Dr. Fred

Dr. Matiang’i warns members of gangs terrorising Kenyans that they will be dealt with mercilessly. His words come in the wake of attacks in parts of Mombasa said to have been staged by the dreaded Wakali Kwanza gang.

Authorities say that a number of arrests have been made as investigations into the attacks are still on.

A member of the gang was gunned down after he defied orders to surrender.

Tension descended on the residents of the county as members of the outlawed group as they unleashed terror on innocent people.

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