EPL’s Top four clash with four games remaining has three points separating third placed Totenham hotspurs and sixth placed Manchester United.

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Which Team is doomed for position five and six?

EPL Trophy could be headed to either the cities of Manchester or Liverpool, but much focus is on the teams that battles out for positions 3 and 4. The difference between position 3 and 5 is three points. Currently, positions three, four and five are held by Tottenham Hotspurs (67), Arsenal (66), Chelsea (66) and Manchester united (64) respectively.

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Total of Nine points lost this weekend

Arsenal lost the London derby (3 – 2) to Crystal sixth-placed at home (Fly Emirates stadium) could have third-placed Totenham Hotspurs who were humbled 1 0 by Manchester City on Saturday afternoon. However, Manchester United terrible display at Goodison Park was thrashed by 4 goals to Nil whereas Chelsea welcomes Burnley at Stamford Bridge                                     

No Mistake

Any slipping means position five and six is a reality to any of the three teams meaning Uefa Champions League football could be a dream for another day.

Fan Base

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The top two teams in the EPL standing combined fan base is almost quarter of that of sixth placed Manchester United, fifth placed Chelsea, fourth placed Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs.

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