For with God nothing is impossible, Yes Tottenham Hotspurs got a preacher in the changing room

The semifinal, second half hat trick hero and Brazilian born forward Lucas Moura, has surprised the world and football fans of his strong belief in God and his Christian faith. “God is wonderful”, the Tottenham Hotspur striker said in an interview after what had been the best performance of his career.

He says his football skills are a talent God gave him, and that he has a mission that God wants Him accomplish in the midst of football and he is confident he will just as he scored a hat trick when everyone wrote Hotspurs out of the race.


His performances as a football star are important, but it is not the most important. “No doubt, every player wants to be remembered for everything he did in the field, for the performances, for the titles, I also want this.

However, I also want to be remembered mainly by my example as a person, I want to be remembered as a man of God, a person with good attitude, I believe that is what matters most, the character, the good example of a person who helps people to find God. I want to be remembered for that”.

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Moura became a committed follower of Jesus Christ when he played in France with Paris Saint Germain (2013-2018). “My whole family is practically Catholic so was I until I left Brazil in 2013, where I also considered myself a Catholic, but I did not practice, I did not attend mass, I did not do anything that made me different really, nothing”.

But “after I arrived in France, I met people who came to work with me and in a very simple and very wise way they were showing me the Word of God, the Bible, showing me more about Jesus”, he told Cross The Line, a ministry focused on sports and faith.

“Coinciding with this at the time, I began to have difficulties, I was missing home, I was missing Brazil and it got me thinking a lot. I began to interest myself in what these people were saying to me and so I started to read the Bible and started to get the grasp God’s love for me. From there on, it was very fast and I began to understand the message and I fell in love with reading the Bible and I fell in love with the gospel of Christ”. 

Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspurs

Lucas Moura has been a Brazilian international 35 times. Tottenham Hotspur will face Liverpool FC in the 2019 Champions League final in Madrid. The ‘Reds’ also had an outstanding performance as they beat FC Barcelona (agg-4-3). Liverpool’s manager Jürgen Klopp is also a committed Christian.

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