Gospel Artist Bahati spotted somewhere


Yes Its Kevin Bahati, God’s Child

The iconic gospel artist through his Instagram post, unleashed his new look that everyone is talking about in town. Bahati took to his IG together with his wife.

This was the beginning of something new. The Barua singer followers comments suggest the new look is way above his old looks, change is inevitable for an artiste.

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Bahati now has long dreads held in a ponytail and his face looks completely different, with some fans saying much more on his stunning look.

His fans could now take a thing or two about the new Bahati look, and a stunning trend could follow.

Who had other ideas?

 Bahati’s wife Diana Marua, disapproved of the singer’s new hair style.

“Babe, I never fold on you… but this look on you, NAAAAAHHHH @bahatikenya, who’s with me?” Diana posed.

She went ahead to ask her fans to weigh in on her dislike.

The fans didn’t hesitate to give their opinion.

“Akizishikia juu they look nyc. For a change,” a fan commented“Aki watu wengine hamna shida

… nyinyi mnaulizana style ya nywele na tunakula maji na kdf huku,”

…“Sasa Nani atakua mama heaven, you are beautiful”


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