Governor scared as impeachment plans are underway

Kenyans are very happy as senate exercised its powers successfully and impeached former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu after the upper house was reestablished in the 2010 constitution.

Focus turns to Nairobi County

Nairobi County Assembly Minority Whip Peter Imwatok says the impeachment motion against Governor Mike Sonko will be first on the order of business, when the county assembly reconvenes from recess.

He says the motion is ready and has gotten the requisite signatures from Members of County Assembly.

“We know clearly that Maina Kamanda spoke loud and clear… It is very clear to all Kenyans that Nairobi has a problem which ought to be sorted out in the Kiambu style. And there is no shortcut,” said Imwatok.

He added: “We are initiating the process of impeachment. We have to do a motion before the assembly which will be supported by 82 members and we already have those numbers.”

The Minority Whip’s sentiments come days after Nominated MP Maina Kamanda called on Nairobi MCAs to impeach Sonko, who is facing corruption charges.

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MCAs time to vote against corruption

Speaking at the swearing of new Kiambu Governor James Nyoro, Kamanda praised the Kiambu MCAs for impeaching Ferdinand Waititu, further urging Members of the Nairobi County Assembly to borrow the same spirit and follow suit and send Mike Sonko home.

Nominated MP Maina Kamanda

“We are telling Nairobi MCAs to take note of what their Kiambu counterparts have done. Let them (Nairobi MCAs) remove that thief in office and send him home or Shimo la Tewa,” said Kamanda.

The nominated legislator went further to urge political parties to consider denying election tickets to leaders with questionable character.

Meanwhile, Nairobi County Assembly Majority Leader Charles Thuo has however dismissed the motion against Sonko, saying it has no support of Jubilee MCAs.

Mike Sonko remains out of office after he was barred by the High Court from accessing his office following his prosecution on graft related charges.

The controversial county boss is facing 19 corruption-related charges among them money laundering, conflict of interest, abuse of office, acquisition of public funds and conspiracy to commit an economic crime.

Nairobi MCAs, who went on recess on December 11, 2019, are expected back for normal sittings on February 11, 2020.