Land of Hidden Treasure


West pokot

Talking to a local Television station on Wednesday night , West pokot governor and the most hilarious governor in power prof John Krop Lonyangapuo, tells us about the treasures lying in west pokot county.

The self-spoken governor and one of the most educated governors in the jubilee regime, has transformed his county west pokot to one of the most developed counties envisioned to be a Model County in Service delivery.

Kapenguria is the county headquarters of westpokot and is 30km away from kitale town.

Let’s focus about this little known, Land of hidden treasures county in Rift valley.


West pokot has tourist attraction sites in (Nasolot Game reserve), scenic sites, escarpments (Marich escarpment, Kaisagat viewpoint, Mtelo and Koh hills), ecotourism and Turkwel Dam which for many years have been unexploited and untapped due the prior conditions of the region which had poor impassible roads compared to the current status. Others tourism attractions include the rich Pokot Culture and artefacts in Kapenguria museum, curio shops and wildlife. Apart from these, the County is a proud home of the infamous “Kapenguria Six” Cells that is found in Kapenguria Museum.

There are a variety of wild animals at the Nasolot Game Reserve such as Elephants, Buffaloes, Hyenas, Impalas, Leopards and Lions.There are more than 160 elephants and more than 20 leopards in the County Natural Resources:

Mining Potentials
The County mineral potentials remain untapped. The following minerals are unexploited: limestone, gold, and ruby. Massive limestone deposits are found in Sebit, Ortum, Muino, and Alale. There is a proposed cement industry to be established in Sebit to fully exploit the limestone deposits. In addition to these potentials, the County has prospect of oil reserve in parts of Pokot North and Central Pokot. All these minerals in the County have the potential of generating additional revenue to the County government. There is need for the County government to enter into partnership (PPP) with investors to be able to explore and tap these natural resources, with the governor seeking the hand of investors into west pokot county in order to Transform Livelihoods through Equitable and Sustainable Utilization of Resources creating more jobs for more Kenyans.

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