Mikel Arteta cries foul as Arsenal sits 6points above relegation zone

Mikel Arteta bemoaned Burnley’s old-school tactics after the Turf Moor pitch was left untouched and not prepared before the goalless draw

The Arsenal manager complained of ‘difficult conditions’ as the grass was allowed to grow and was not watered.

Arteta claimed he was expecting a heavy pitch and adjusted the training ground surfaces at their London Colney base last week.

Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta (Getty images)

‘The grass was this long,’ Arteta said while gesturing. ‘They didn’t put any water on it and obviously that is not a very helpful thing to play football.

‘I didn’t water the pitch yesterday at the training ground so … I was expecting it but that doesn’t make it easier to play the game.’

Both Manchester City and Liverpool have encountered power outages inside the away dressing room at Burnley over the last two seasons.

‘It’s their game,’ Arteta added. ‘They do really well what they do. It’s their strength, you’re allowed to do it, so we have to adapt. 

‘We adapted really well in some moments and in some others it wasn’t (because of) the grass. It’s the quality and what they do they do really well and we could not cope with that in the right way.’

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was off colour as Arsenal drew a fourth successive league game (Getty images)

Burnley manager Sean Dyche hit back at Arsenal, suggesting players went down too easily. 

‘It is lovely to watch when people are falling over, it is my favorite part,’ he said sarcastically. ‘The game is in a fantastic state. No-one wants to address it apart from me, so I am absolutely happy with the state of the game.’ Arsenal are now 6 points above westham fc who together with Watford and Norwich make the relegation trio.