Most ladies are not married because they chose CASH over love

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Dr. Charlotte Oduro, a relationship expert, has diagnosed the reason why most ladies in Africa who have come of age but are still spinsters and should have been married by now.

According to the vociferous specialist, many of them prefer to pursue money instead of love reason no man is prepared to walk down the aisle with them.

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In one of her videos sighted by a source, she said “ I know you are beautiful, I know when any man sees you  they admire you but you know why you are not married… it is because you go for money not love. You go for the man who has a good car and who looks good”

She cautioned that marriage goes beyond material things and advised ladies to go beyond those things they easily get swayed off as a result.

Dr. Charlotte Oduro, a relationship expert [ courtesy photo]

My dear marriage is not about the one who looks good…marriage is about the one who understands you. It is about the one who can love and cherish you. Young ladies listen to me, go for somebody who will honor and respect you…go for somebody who fears God and stop following all these stars and guys around who will just use you and dump you”, she advised.

In her view, women must be submissive to their husband which is a recipe for long lasting marriages.

 “Women listen to me, learn how to submit to your husbands”, she added.

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