Ndindi Nyoro’s views on Ruto’s 2022 Presidential Bid

Speaking on local TV’s talk show on Sunday night, “Ruto just like any other Kenya has a right to contest for the presidency, we don’t understand why some people are determined to block him (Ruto),” he said during the interview. Nyoro stated that those frustrating Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid will be met with a rude shock when he takes over leadership in 2022; he further added that they have no plans to stop pushing for his (Ruto’s) presidency no matter the intimidation and criticism they are receiving


Does Mt. Kenya region owes DP Ruto any debt?..  Nyoro stated that Kenya at large owes Ruto a big debt, adding that they will work to make sure he ascends to power come 2022.

The Kiharu MP is among politicians associated to the tanga tanga movement that is pushing for Ruto’s presidency.

The tae kwo do martial artist and who regularly travels in the same fuel guzzler as Mr. Ruto, has emerged as Mr. Ruto’s main point man in central Kenya.

Fed up

During a burial in Murang’a recently, President Uhuru Kenyatta, walked out of a function as Ndindi Nyoro approached the podium to give his condolences, when the president rose to speak, he slammed the Kiharu MP for loitering around the country.

Former Prime minister Raila Odinga also took a swipe at Mr Nyoro, after he(Ndindi) proposed DPP’s powers of entering into plea bargains with corruption suspects to be handed over to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) questioning his seriousness as leader elected to represent the interests of Kenyans in Parliament. “Is that MP really of sound mind? Hasn’t he lost his mind? While some are fighting corruption, you are trying to clip the DCI’s and DPP’s powers.” He said.


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