Petrol Prices goes up As Diesel and kerosene drops in July Review


Consumers who rely on petrol for their day to day activities will continue to dig dipper into their pockets after another hike in petrol price by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

EPRA announcement indicates that the new prices will be effective at midnight.
Prices of super petrol increase by Ksh0.29 per liter while diesel slightly lowers by Ksh0.88 whereas kerosene has a moderate decrease by of Ksh2.31 per liter.

Motorists and other consumers in Mombasa will purchase super petrol at Ksh112.74, diesel at Ksh101.25 and kerosene at Ksh99.35 per liter.

In the capital Nairobi, Super petrol consumers will have to part with Ksh115.39 a liter as diesel will cost Ksh103.88 and kerosene at Ksh101.97 respectively.

In Nakuru, the center of the great rift, super petrol will retail at Ksh115.86, diesel at Ksh104.58 and kerosene at Ksh102.69.

EPRA, stated that the changes in this month’s prices have been as “a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol decreasing by 1.83% from US$538.8 (Ksh55,469.46) per cubic meter in May 2019 to US$528.26 (Ksh54,384.37)”.

The landed cost of diesel decreased by 3.07% from US$535.84 (Ksh55, 164.73) per cubic meter to US$519.39 (Ksh.53,471.20); while that of kerosene decreased by 5.49% from US$535.84 (Kshs55,164.73) to US$519.39 (Ksh53,471.20) per cubic meter.

Drive safe.

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