Pupils Spend the Night in the Cold as their Buses Get Stuck at Tsavo National Park

Two buses were stuck from Thursday 24th October 2019 to 25th October 2019 as was reported by the Kenya Red Cross on early Friday morning after heavy rains made it impossible for them to drive out of Tsavo park.

The children who were on a school trip to the Tsavo National Park were forced to spend the Thursday night in their school bus waiting to be rescued and praying the animals don’t attack.

The children have since been rescued on Friday mid-morning and are waiting to be taken to their respective homes according to information released by the Kenya Red Cross Society which worked in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife.

Kenyans have been asked to prepare themselves for heavy rainfall that could easily result in flash floods in some parts of the Country.

The meteorological department warned that rains recorded to be over 20mm which are likely to be accompanied by extremely strong winds will be experienced.

The meteorological department has advised Kenyans not to drive or walk through flowing water as this could easily have them carried away and lead to injuries if not deaths.

The weatherman has also warned that people should avoid taking shelter under trees and near grilled windows to avoid any form of exposure to lightning strikes which have been known to be fatal in previous times.

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