Trump should face impeachment, says 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke: ‘No man … is above the law’

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‘We’re finally learning the truth about this president. And yes, there has to be consequences’

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke has finally taken a firm position on the case for impeaching Donald Trump for the first time in his campaign.

Mr O’Rourke had previously told reporters that it was not his place to comment on whether he believes President Trump should be impeached, saying “I’m going to leave that to those members of the House who as they review those findings can make that decision. But ultimately at this point I believe that this is going to be decided in November 2020.”

However, it now appears the former Texas representative has had a change of heart.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Mr O’Rourke said: “We’re finally learning the truth about this president. And yes, there has to be consequences. Yes, there has to be accountability. Yes, I think there’s enough evidence now for the House of Representatives to move forward with impeachment.

“This is our country, and this is the one chance that we get to ensure that it remains a democracy and that no man, regardless of his position, is above the law.”

This marked a shift from the beginning of Mr O’Rourke’s campaign, where the Texas Democrat failed to make direct calls for impeachment, unlike Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren. 

Ms. Warren’s call for impeachment was quickly echoed by prominent California Democrat, Kamala Harris, who is also running for president.

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In March, Mr. O’Rourke told an Iowa crowd he “wasn’t out there calling for it”, referring to his prior comments on impeachment, while still mentioning that he believed that Mr. Trump’s actions justify impeachment. Mr. O’Rourke’s new position states that Mr Trump should face impeachment as he “welcomed the participation of a foreign power into our election that sought to sway

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