Why cholesterol is the Ultimate Sex Booster

This is why cholesterol is fundamentally important in our body.

Did you know that High levels of HDL have been shown to protect against stroke, heart attack and a bonus in enhancement of bed performance.
Our bodies are self-regulating and in real sense it does produce cholesterol, this alone explain that it’s essential to have it in adequate supply for a normal body functioning.

Let’s forget the bad publication of cholesterol and let’s appreciate it for once for its good work so that we can be empowered to handle it positively and eliminate its bad characteristics easily.


Sources of cholesterol

Cholesterol is majorly sensitized in the human liver, other sources includes intake of animal products like meat (plants do not sensitize cholesterol).

Main uses of cholesterol are:

  • Synthesis of testosterone hormone; and sex hormones in general.
  • Assist the liver in bile production.
  • It’s a building block of body tissues

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Note: This three roles are particularly dependent of cholesterol, thus its presence is directly proportional to their functionality.

While we now appreciate the importance of cholesterol, the question now would be why then is it so demonized the bad aspects of cholesterol arises when there is increased amount of low density lipoproteins;  the low density lipoprotein do lead to plague accumulation on the walls of vascular canals, narrowing them which can results to ‘bursting’ of blood vessels. With such traits it earns its name ’the bad cholesterol’.

In ideal situation the high density lipoprotein, called the good cholesterol does the convers, it helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy. It actually aids in the removal of LDL from the arteries.

It carries the bad cholesterol back to the liver, where it’s broken down and eliminated from the body.

High levels of HDL have also been shown to protect against stroke and heart attack, while low HDL has been shown to increase those risks.

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In summary, always aim to have the good cholesterol high and the bad cholesterol as low as possible. A regular lipid profile check is recommended.

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